A Brew’d Awakening: Wyndham Grand® Introduces Brew Parlor

Brew Parlor

DOHA, Qatar (January 14, 2016) – Wyndham Grand® is bringing a new buzz to the traditional coffeehouse experience with the launch of Brew Parlor: a fresh take on afternoon happy hour where people can meet, recharge, or simply take a breather over cold-brewed coffee-based drinks developed in partnership with the brand’s ‘Chef de Caffeine’, award-winning culinary personality, Chef Stephanie Izard.

Coffee lovers will experience cold-brewed pick-me-ups and hand-crafted caffeinated cocktails beginning January 14, 2016, from 4 pm – 6 pm every Sunday through Thursday at Wyndham Grand’s Brew Parlor pilot hotels in Doha, Qatar; Chicago, U.S.; Shenzhen, China; and Istanbul, Turkey.

Wyndham Grand’s Brew Parlor is centred on cold-brewed coffee, an artisanal yet approachable trending drink consisting of coffee brewed with cold or room-temperature water, producing a condensed, smooth, and full flavour. Cold-brewed coffee is making its presence known in coffee shops around the world, reaching US$7.9 million in sales in the US – a 115% increase over the past year according to Mintel – and popping up throughout Europe. A study by Euromonitor International shows bottled cold brew is growing in sales worldwide, faster than any other bottled non-alcoholic beverage.

Mark Anderson, Vice President of Food and Beverage for Wyndham Grand said:

We believe travel should be approachable by design, where every day experiences – like the quick cup of coffee our Wyndham Grand hotels serve hundreds of thousands of times a day are transformed into moments to savour.’

‘Brew Parlor invigorates those afternoon pick-me-ups with innovative cold brew creations developed with Chef Izard ,who, like us, is passionate about coffee, blends the traditional with the new, and isn’t afraid to create waves.’

Not only is coffee a universal daily beverage, but it has become an increasingly popular ingredient in sweets and savoury dishes. Izard has created several proprietary cold-brewed coffee beverages available only at Wyndham Grand’s Brew Parlor like Five Spice Shaken Iced Coffee with Thai chili, cinnamon, clove, star anise and sweetened condensed milk; Cafe Olé with dark chocolate, brown sugar and ancho and guajillo chilies; and Biscotti Coffee with almond whipped cream and simple syrup made of star anise, fennel seed, and orange zest.

Wyndham Grand’s Chef de Caffeine Stephanie Izard said:

There’s nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee. As a chef, I’ve always put a lot of care into the coffee I serve, and I’ve worked with Wyndham Grand to find a coffee that is not only tasty on its own, but also serves as a base for creative flavours.’