Zaman Jassim

Born in Khobar in the east of Saudi Arabia , lives and works in the Qatif city, Working in the field of art for more than twenty years, holds a Diploma of the Institute of Art Education in Riyadh with distinction

Participated in many local and international exhibitions , and has also Held more than 10 personal exhibitions in Qatif , Alkhobar, Jeddah, Muscat, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai and tow solo in Paris

And has won numerous awards, most recently developed the first prize in a contest Ambassador Award and the International Biennale Kharafi in Kuwait

Participated in many events and artistic activities within and outside Saudi Arabia was also nominated for many artistic events and meetings of Foreign Affairs, also served as Chairman of the Community of Fine Arts in Qatif and Reporter of the Fine Arts Society Culture and Arts in Dammam

Currently full-time artist