Wyndham Grand Regency gives sushi a twist

Doha, Qatar (February 7, 2012) – Wyndham Grand Regency Doha hotel has turned traditional sushi on its head and has come with new ones made of chicken, beef and duck.

Sushi purists might make a face at these dishes, but the sizeable crowd gathered at the launch of chicken, beef and duck sushi at the Chopsticks restaurant, the Far Eastern Restaurant at Wyndham Grand Regency, were all making a beeline to the sushi table.

“We want to offer something to guests who don’t like or can’t eat seafood for some reason. There are many people in a group who can’t enjoy seafood, but the rest in group might want to try sushi. Now we have something to offer everyone. everybody can enjoy a sushi at Chopsticks,” said a Wyndham Grand Regency official.

The new sushi chef, who joined Chopsticks recently, made perhaps the biggest sushi we have ever seen in this part of the world to celebrate the occasion.

The giant sushi made with 20kg sushi rice, 10kg chicken breast and other ingredients was the centerpiece of the event. Delightful mouth watering Sushi platters were gobbled up by the guests and no one was complaining about the deviation from the traditions.

“I love this. People like me, who don’t like fish can enjoy a sushi or two with friends. I have many friends who love sushi, with this option I will be able to join them in their sushi outings,” said Carmen, one of the guests present at the launch.

Chopsticks has “sushi open buffet” on Saturday for the family with no age restrictions.

Wyndham Grand Regency management team under the leadership of Ayman Lotfy, General Manager, were present at the occasion.