Wyndham Grand Regency Doha Launches New Art Concept Lobby and Restaurants

SONY DSCDOHA, Qatar (December 5, 2013) – Wyndham Grand Regency Doha has already completed the largest restoration and modernization operation to be launched in the local hospitality industry sector.

The hotel had earmarked a huge budget for the operation, which contributed to making radical and qualitative changes in the different restaurants of the hotel as well as its lobby, which has turned into an open museum and a destination for art and innovation lovers.

The renovation of the hotel restaurants and lobby comes hard upon the heels of a similar operation in the rooms last year. Modernization did not only focus on the furniture, but also included an exquisite art initiative that embodied the highest standards of luxury and beauty in the hospitality industry.

A host of paintings have been used to adorn the main entrance to the hotel as well as its different corridors. The paintings carry the marks of a select group of international artists and include the most elevated art measures, which has turned the hotel into an open and integrated museum.

These signs of beauty come to add to the hotel’s luxury experience and the distinguished service offered guests by its staff, services that go hand in hand with international hotel standards.

Wyndham Grand Regency Doha takes pride in the fact that it has become a real Museum for artistic innovation through the wonderful collection of paintings its corridors and rooms boast. The paintings throw a beautiful light on different environments and artistic norms.

“The hotel has set a new trend in the local hospitality industry by ushering in an artistic atmosphere through which 50 paintings have come to ornament its various sections,” hotel General Manager Mr. Ayman Lotfy said.

He said the initiative goes hand in hand with the hotel’s role in enriching the local hospitality industry and raising the standards of hotel service.

Lotfy added the 50 wonderful paintings also go hand in hand with the highest standards of luxury offered by the hotel to its guests.

“This unprecedented initiative also gives innovation and excellence lovers the chance to enjoy art and artistic works,” the hotel General Manager said.

Lotfy noted that Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel would continue to work hard to enrich Qatar’s hotel sector every year by inviting a host of international artists to join its initiative.

He said the paintings hosted by the hotel find their inspiration in the rich local environment. He said this heritage-saturated environment was demonstrated in the paintings by a select group of Qatari artists who managed to manifest the old local Qatari environment with its wonderful details in their paintings.

“I consider this to be a qualitative leap in hotel service, one that depends on beauty and art,” Lotfy said.

He said the hotel administration has ushered in modern iPads for guests to be able to see the paintings and familiarize themselves with their details as well as the biography of the artists drawing them.

Lotfy added that the hotel administration has also made modern binocular telescopes available so that guests can see paintings placed in upper hotel levels clearly.

“Wyndham Grand Regency Doha has got the lion’s share as far as the visitors of Qatar are concerned,” Lotfy said.

He said the hotel occupancy rate reached 75 percent this year, which made all other local hotels come behind in occupancy rates.

Lofty said thanks to its distinguished services, which meet international hospitality industry standards, Wyndham Grand Regency Doha has managed to win a series of prizes and medals.

He said the hotel has won international recognition this year, having received the highest evaluation marks from its guests on the hotel booking site www.booking.com.

“The hotel also won the excellence award from the booking website tripadvisor, being considered one of the best hotels in the world” Lofty said.

He said this rating depended on the views of travelers, their personal experience and stay at the hotel.

He added that the hotel also hosted Al-Asmakh International Art Symposium 2013. He said the cultural event was held under the slogan “Hand in Hand for One Art and One Destiny”.

Lotfy said the symposium was held in Sealine Beach, which is located in the southern part of Qatar, amid the charming sand dunes and the bright waters of the Arab Gulf, adding that the event was a main destination for artists and the art lovers, containing a host of rare paintings drawn by highly talented international artists.

He said by hosting Al-Asmakh International Art Symposium 2013, Wyndham Grand Regency Doha wanted to prove that it is not only a tourist institution that receives guests from everywhere, but also an institution that is keen on honoring its social responsibilities and sponsoring programs of interest in all artistic fields. He added that the hotel also wanted to reach out to all segments of society in the fields of art and drawing, Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel is the first hotel to launch such an initiative to boost arts tourism.

Speaking about the local hospitality market, Lotfy said this market was one of the fastest growing thanks to the presence of several important international tourist trademarks in it.

He said these trademarks race against each other to carve a niche for themselves on the local hospitality industry thanks to the vitality and dynamism of this market.

Lotfy said hotels working in Qatar’s hospitality market offer ideal services that go hand in hand with the needs of the international hospitality industry. He said this had boosted the position of this market on the international hospitality map.

“The Qatar Tourism Authority makes great efforts to promote local tourist products in international tourist markets,” Lotfy said.

He said Wyndham Grand Regency Doha, which has come in the van in the local market, takes part in all promotion events under the umbrella of the authority with the aim of promoting Qatar as a tourism destination for families.

He said this destination has all that is needed for integrated entertainment.

“We also aim to market the hotel, which has won a good reputation thanks to the distinguished services it offers its guests,” Lotfy added.

The Wyndham Grand Regency Doha is a 246-room hotel offering guests single, double and suite accommodation. Rooms feature a harmonious blend of traditional architecture and spectacular contemporary design alongside all the comforts and amenities to be expected from a five-star hotel.

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