Perfect FigureHypoxi Vacuum Therapy at Perfect Figure is an incredible treatment which will rid you of cellulite, whilst burning fat from the lower body, allowing you to achieve cellulite smooth skin and fantastic inch loss from the hips, thighs and buttocks in minimum time.

The secret of the therapy is the low-pressured atmosphere of the unit combined with the low level of activity.  Vacuum Therapy works on the basis that to burn fat and banish cellulite, passive treatments cannot work and muscle activity is essential.  By supplying the problem areas, which typically have poor circulation, with a strong supply of blood, fatty tissues can be broken down and eliminated along with toxins.

This therapy concentrates on fat reduction from the bottom, stomach and thighs as well as eliminates cellulite without having any previous exercise activity level.

Each therapy session lasts around thirty minutes and no special clothing is required.  A course of twelve sessions is recommended, with three taken each week during the first course.

Facts and Figures

  • Vacuum Therapy is fat burning training in a low pressure atmosphere
  • Through improved blood circulation, Vacuum Therapy increases the metabolism
  • Tissues and veins are NOT stretched by Vacuum Therapy, meaning that women with varicose veins can easily undertake this exercise (pregnant women are contra-indicated for Vacuum Therapy)

Fat is burnt from the warmest areas of the body, regardless of the muscles used during an activity.  Vacuum Therapy ensures that the warmest areas are the lower body problem areas hence slimmer hips, thighs and buttocks.

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