Blast that stomach fat with TechnoShape and achieve

Doha, Qatar (April 23, 2012) – Ultimate body confidence

The TechnoShape studio ensures that everyone can achieve their dream body shape.

For many men and women, the stomach is the first place that their body stores fat and it is certainly the most noticeable. TechnoShape is the ultimate non-Surgical solutions for a flat, firm stomach and slim waist.

Giving phenomenal results after just a few sessions and burning up to 3 times as much fat from a concentrated area when compared with normal fat burning training, TechnoShape is set to reshape the way we burn stomach fat forever.

Effortless and non-invasive

TechnoShape is the figure fixing Solution for those who store excess fat on their stomach and waist areas. Already hugely popular across Europe and Dubai TechnoShape’s patented Pressure Chamber ensures a youthful and proportionate figure is quick, safe and easy.

Applying TechnoShape’s unique Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT) to the midriff during gentle exercise on a treadmill ensures blood circulation around the midriff area is optimum and enables accelerated, targeted fat burn from the stomach and waist to occur.

Fat to Flat

Always suffered with your waistline? Or perhaps you have recently over indulged and it has accumulated straight on to your stomach? With TechnoShape you can target and burn off your fatty stomach tissue, whilst gently improving your fitness levels.

Not only does this revolutionary therapy help increase the blood flow to your target area, causing concentrated fat break down, it also increases the metabolic rate and improves circulation, which in turn rejuvenates the skin.

A minimum course of 12 treatments is recommended ( up to 4 a week) in order to gain maximum results that would take months to achieve with normal gym workouts.