Ashna Ahmed Dawlat

Born 1969, grew up in Kurdistan Iraq
1989 completed a 5-year art college in Kurdistan Iraq and has studies and worked with sculpture and pottery as well as success in glass painting. She constantly work to expand her professional skills in may techniques and medias.
She moved to Sweden in 1994 and has worked as an art teacher for 16 years both in Iraq and Sweden.
Ashna holds courses and Work Shop for Women and Children in Sweden.
1999-2000 she has illustrated 3 Kurdish child books in Sweden.

Kurdistan Iraq:
1984-1989 Participated in all joint exhibitions organized by the art college.
Some individual exhibitions in different places years 1984-1989.

1996 Gallery Dali in Hudiksvall / Sweden..
2000 ABF house in Stockholm / Sweden.
2001 Enebyberg library in Danderyd Municipality/ Sweden.
2003 ABF house in Falun Municipality/ Sweden.
2009 City Conference (Engineering House) Stockholm/ Sweden.
2010 Infra City/ Sweden.
2011 Kista Fair gallery/ Sweden.
2012 Old tawn gallery Davenschi in Stockholm/ Sweden.
2012 solo exhibition at the national Museum in Sulemaniya/ Kurdistan Iraq.
2012 solo exhibition in the gallery Shanadar in Erbil/ Kurdistan Iraq.

1998-2012 Husby art gallery in Stockholm/ Sweden.
2008 Art gallery in Vällingby/ Sweden..
2009 Haga park/ Sweden.
2010 Gallery Ciricai/ Sweden.
2010 Haga park/ Sweden.
2010 Dalarö Customs House Museum in Haninge Municipality/ Sweden.
2010 Infra City/ Sweden.
2010 Solna Center/ Sweden.
2010 Skansen/ Sweden.
2011 New Delhi/ Indian.
2011 Solna Haga park/ Sweden.
2011 Workshop in Dahrampor/ Indian.
2011 Uppsala Municipality art gallery/ Sweden.
2012 Chandīgarh/ Indian
2012 ABF hus in Stockholm/ Sweden.
2012 Iraqi culture center in Scandinavian.
2012 Modern Museum, Flygfyren gallery in Stockholm
2012 Mada2 exhibition in Iraqi culture center gellery in Stockholm.
2012 Group exhibition I Iraqi culture center in Stockholm/ Sweden
2012 workshop and exhibition in Hurghada festival in Egypt.
2012 Järffälla gallery in Jakobsberg/ Sweden. Planed Exhibitions

  • December 2012 group exhibition in Jakobsberg art gallery/ Sweden.
  • January 2013 group exhibition in Morocco
  • February 2013 workshop Goa Indian
  • April 2013 arranger the workshop white Tellusart in Kurdistan Iraq
  • July 2013 group exhibition in Jordanian
  • August 2013 solo exhibition in Alexandria /Egypt
  • November 2013 workshop in Hurgada /Egypt

Planned projects in 2013-2014 when we get support:

  • Indian workshop and exhibition.
  • Large project on collection of famous artists from around the world to Iraq, both in Kurdistan and Baghdad.
  • Mada 3 exhabition in London
  • group exhibition in Jordan
  • Some individual and joint exhibitions in Sweden.


  • Art teacher from (Fine Art Institute in Kurdistan Iraq)
  • Engineer in Sweden

Related information
Member of Iraqi art association in Stockholm .
Member of Tellus Arts International Art Association .
Member of Uplands Väsby art club.
Chairwoman of the Association Art for children
Member of Lebanon and Franc international art association Art for human.
Member of the Arab and international arts organization from the Arabian Gulf countries (Mada )
Member of the Swedish Artists Association
Member of the Hurgada festival workshop / Egypt

Ashna Ahmed
Sabbatsväg 7
177 60 Järfälla/Sweden
Tel: +46707153552