Marjolijn Stolk

Marjolijn Stolk [1967] is a Dutch Contemporary artist. Her paintings mark themselves by sharp contrasts and vivid colours. In her figurative work the emotion of the subject is captured, however in her abstract work, it is her own emotion which is being converted into an organic display of colour and form. Since living in Qatar she blends abstract and figurative style elements portraying the wealth and diversity of the Arabian Heritage using acrylic paint in combination with mixed media and collage.

Marjolijn participated in numerous master classes and studied art at the New Academy in The Netherlands. She exhibited both in The Netherlands and Qatar.

She has lived in The Netherlands, Switzerland and The United States. Since November 2009 she lives in Doha, Qatar.

Marjolijn is the Co-founder and Chair of the Doha based art group “International Artists Doha” and a member of Qatar Fine Arts Society.

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